Central Embarcadero


San Diego has a multitude of developments opportunities. It is one of the most sought after cities in California (the Sunshine State).


It is located close to the border, just 25 miles from its Mexican neighbor Tijuana. Tourism brings many people to this vibrant city.


San Diego is a vibrant hub for new homes, and new communities. There are new projects under development here each month.
Development Opportunities

Central Embarcadero

San Diego's Embarcadero creates the intersection between downtown San Diego and San Diego Bay – a world-class waterfront where lifestyle, commerce and nature come together. This one-of-a-kind place is ideal for locals and visitors alike to enjoy panoramic views of both the city and the bay.

The Port of San Diego is seeking proposals for developers to help shape the future of this ideal location with the goal of creating engagement and value for people, offering not just a place but an experience everyone can enjoy, incorporating public access as a key component.

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