Harbor Island


San Diego has a multitude of developments opportunities. It is one of the most sought after cities in California (the Sunshine State).


It is located close to the border, just 25 miles from its Mexican neighbor Tijuana. Tourism brings many people to this vibrant city.


San Diego is a vibrant hub for new homes, and new communities. There are new projects under development here each month.
Development Opportunities

Harbor Island Redevelopment

The Port of San Diego is soliciting visionary redevelopment plans for over 50 acres of land and water overlooking East Harbor Island and the beautiful San Diego Bay. One of the largest waterfront redevelopment opportunities in San Diego, the site offers the rare occasion for a developer to reimagine a commercial and community space that has the potential to become an iconic location in the region.

The Port has issued a formal Solicitation for Statements of Interest, Qualifications & Vision (SOIQV) for developers to submit ideas for the future of the area. The full solicitation can be viewed through the Planet Bids System.

Prime Location - The area encompasses approximately 44 acres of land and 13 acres of water. This includes a 9 acre parcel that the Board of Port Commissioners approved adding to the total amount of land available for redevelopment at their October board meeting.

  • San Diego Bay
  • San Diego International Airport
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants and Event Center
  • Marina
  • Parks

For more visit: Harbor Island Redevelopment

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