Makers Quarter


San Diego has a multitude of developments opportunities. It is one of the most sought after cities in California (the Sunshine State).


It is located close to the border, just 25 miles from its Mexican neighbor Tijuana. Tourism brings many people to this vibrant city.


San Diego is a vibrant hub for new homes, and new communities. There are new projects under development here each month.
Development Opportunities

Makers Quarter

Makers Quarter™ is both a place and a collective ethos. We are a community of Entrepreneurs, Artists, and Makers, located in San Diego's East Village, who leverage our collective power to inspire our city and our world.

Makers Quarter™ is the newest addition to San Diego's vibrant Downtown, which is home to nearly 75,000 employees and 35,000 residents. Makers Quarter™ is located in Downtown's East Village tech corridor, where San Diego's most innovative companies are based, and is nestled amongst some of the city's most diverse and culturally rich neighborhoods: Golden Hill, South Park, Sherman Heights and Barrio Logan.

Makers Quarter™ defines the northeastern edge of Downtown and is adjacent to the world-class Balboa Park. With accessible public transit and direct freeway proximity, Makers Quarter™ has dynamic and vibrant cultural influences pouring in from every direction, making it the most inspiring place to live and work in San Diego.

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